E-Prescriptions Made Smart

Prescrip has been developed after years of study and collaboration with hundreds of doctors, with the sole aim of addressing the needs of modern healthcare practice.

Do You Spend Hours Manually Writing Prescriptions?

There is a better way to deliver high-quality prescriptions and guidance to your patients using innovative technologies. Prescrip is an app available on your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet or even on the laptop/desktop that helps you create clean, legible prescriptions in seconds and also maintain digital records of your patient’s data.

With Prescrip you will find that you are saving hours of your time by not having to repeat commonly prescribed drugs, auto-populating generic names of drugs, keeping track of past history and overall being able to improve the quality of insight and treatments for your patients.

Made For Doctors, With Doctors.

These Are The Features That Make Prescrip Popular.

Quickly Create Prescriptions

Prescrip helps you create prescriptions in seconds and print them instantly.

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Prescrip is easily accessible on your Android or (iOS) smartphone, tablet and even on laptop. You can connect easily to any popular printer, quickly create your personalized prescriptions and print out professional looking, compliant prescriptions instantly. You can even share the e-copy of the same prescription via SMS, WhatsApp or email.

You can ensure, additional medication instructions are mentioned alongside for patients to easily comply with the best recommended treatment. In just a few taps you can give your patients the most professional and comprehensive prescriptions, with even less time than ever. 

Consult Patients Online

Accept consultation fee, manage appointments and video consult patients.

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You can now set up your very own private digital clinic. Prescrip enables your patients to take appointments in just one click. Patients can also pay the consultation fee online before the consultation, which then gets deposited directly to doctor’s bank account.

Doctors can provide video consultations for their patients using Prescrip via its seamless WhatsApp integration, which is a highly secure channel. Patients don’t need to download a new app as long as they have WhatsApp and they receive an e-copy of the prescription post the consultation. Prescrip takes care of all compliance requirements for you while you focus on the patient.

Track Treatment History

Save hours by getting history of each patient’s medical records right from the app.

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With increasing number of patients it can become challenging to keep track of all their unique needs and history. It is important that you have complete information about each patient, no matter how long it has been since their last visit.

To make this easier, we have integrated the ability to find and monitor past patient histories quickly. You can pull up historical data and quickly understand the best course of treatment for each of your patients.

Easy Patient Management

Easily access all your patient data anytime anywhere.

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The success of any healthcare practice lies in the effective and efficient management of its patients. To ensure that you are able to provide the best care and advice, Prescrip tracks patient records and helps you build stronger relationships with each of them. 

The app saves patient tracks their profiles, visits, symptoms, past prescriptions and so much more. So you can easily pull them up instantly and focus on providing the best-in-class healthcare they’ve come to expect from you.

Favourite Prescriptions

You can spend more time making your diagnosis and less time writing the similar prescriptions

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Based on our research, we have found that most doctors tend to often prescribe a certain type of medicines for many ailments.Knowing this we have built Prescrip to allow you to quickly create prescriptions with commonly prescribed drugs, similar complaints & diagnosis and save them as favourites.

Additionally, thanks to our expert advisors and extensive study into various disciplines, you will find that the Prescrip app carries a huge drug database with most brand names and their generic names in it. This allows you to write compliant prescriptions without having to memorize thousands of names. 

Customized To Your Needs

Prescrip is built to adapt to the unique needs of your practice.

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Your practice has unique needs and we understand you will want to keep a certain quality and consistency with your patients. To help make this easy, and since we understand how you will need to ensure this, Prescrip is built to adapt to your unique needs. 

You can customize the design of your prescriptions, drugs, and a lot more from the app to make it feel like it was built just for you and your needs. Our team of experts can help you maximize the potential for how you are able to best use Prescrip.

Generate Report

Create easy reports for your clinical research, patient studies or health pattern analysis.

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Patient data stored digitally can be accessed and downloaded in a simple format from the app. Use the downloaded data to generate reports, analyse patterns, create presentations or use for clinical research & studies.

Send Key Reminders

Contact patients via automated SMS for medicine and follow-up reminders.

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Creating smart and informative prescriptions is only half the battle. Another key aspect is ensuring the patient adheres to the course and complies with your instructions. Next, you also need to follow-up with the patient and ensure the medications have been effective.

To help make both these aspects happen, Prescrip has integrated an automated SMS for medicine reminders and follow-up appointment reminders..

Organize Notes & Images

By using the app, save hours of your time and costs spent on managing patient records.

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Medical records are incomplete without the additional reports and key medical imagery needed for you to make the correct diagnoses. Instead of dealing with cumbersome and bulky files and avoiding any loss of records, Prescrip also allows you to collect and keep all key medical files and reports associated with each patient safely and in one place. Making it easily accessible in seconds. 

Prescrip captures all key information about a patient in one place and allows you to have all of it in the most accessible and convenient location possible, the palm of your hand.

Secure & Own Your Records

We take steps to ensure the security of your data and make only you have access at all times.

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Your patient information is sacred and needs to be kept private and secure. Prescrip uses secure and robust technologies to ensure your key data is protected and accessible only to you. You also own all your data and it will never be shared with any other third party. 

Trust is bond we ensure with each of the Doctors using Prescrip and we ensure they’re satisfied with the quality of the way their data is stored and protected on Prescrip.

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