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Prescrip helps doctors across various specialities to manage their patient records and grow their practices. Start using Prescrip today, to discover how thousands of doctors have improved the quality of time spent with their patients after saving hours from writing prescriptions.

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Manage Patient Records with Ease

Prescrip makes managing your clinic’s medical records a breeze

Quickly Print Prescriptions

Prescrip helps you complete prescriptions in seconds and print them out instantly

Easy Patient Management

Easily access all your patient data anywhere

Track Treatment History

Save hours by getting history of each patients medical records right from the app

Generate Reports

Create easy reports for your clinical research, patient studies or health pattern analysis.

Favourite Prescriptions

You can spend more time making diagnosis and less time writing similar prescriptions

Organize Notes & Images

Save hours of your time and costs spent on managing patient records

Drive Referrals

Make it easy to grow your practice by leveraging peer and patient referrals

Send Key Reminders

Contact patients via automated SMS for appointment & dosage reminders

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Are you spending hours writing the same prescription over and over again?


Do you wish you could improve the quality of time spent with your patients?


Is precious time being spent looking at past records to make sure you are able to improve the quality of treatment?


Wanting to do more to grow your practice?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need to learn more about Prescrip and find out why thousands of Doctors are switching over.

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We Make Creating Prescriptions Easier Than Ever Imagined

We make it easy for you to access your commonly prescribed drugs from our large database, set the regimen, share key instructions and print out the prescription on a smart, branded letterhead in just seconds. You will never go back to the old way of making prescriptions again.

Why 10000+ Doctors Trust Prescrip?

 Our best brand ambassadors are our clients themselves. Here’s what they have to say about how Prescrip has improved their patient experience.

Dr. Hemal Shah

Uniquely simple, now I don't have to worry about missing any details, prescrip has it all covered.

Dr. Hemal Shah

Nephrologist M.D. DNB (Nephrology), MNAMS
Dr. Amod Potnis

So Simple, So Fast and No Noise. Just perfect.

Dr. Amod Potnis

Paediatrician MD DCH (Paed)
Dr. Pradeep Gadge

From 70 to 130 patients per day, this is my progress with Prescrip. No other product comes close.

Dr. Pradeep Gadge

Leading Diabetologist MD (Medicine), DPH, Diploma in Diabetology, FRSH
Dr. R M Wadera

Extraordinary product with excellent customer service. Truly Futuristic and Reliable.

Dr. R M Wadera

Orthopaedic Surgeon M.S. (Ortho) Mumbai
Dr. Nitin Burkule

Prescrip is so much faster than writing, my follow up patients get a fresh printed prescription in seconds and my hands dont ache any more

Dr. Nitin Burkule

Senior Cardiologist MD, DM (Cardiology), DNB (Cardiology)
Dr. Pratit Samdani

Amazing Printed Prescriptions, Maintaining Patient Records with Prescrip is so Easy and Reliable

Dr. Pratit Samdani

MD (Internal Medicine), FCPS, DND, FCCP, F. Med, FSCCM
Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni

A Great App for dermats, I can show the progress of my treatment to my patients

Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni

Orthopaedic Surgeon M.S. (Ortho) Mumbai

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