About US

About Prescrip

Prescrip is the product of years of research and inputs from various experts across various fields of medicine. The Prescrip team is constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet the needs of healthcare practitioners across the globe. 

Building Innovative Technology-First Solutions To Solve The Future Challenges Of Healthcare

Prescrip’s journey began in 2014 with a vision to address the needs of thousands of healthcare practitioners across the world. We found that despite every other industry finding innovative tech solutions for not just their needs, but also to improve the quality of the way they operate; Healthcare was still dealing with piles of paper-based records to try and keep up with compliance and without having a viable solution out there to meet its needs.

After brining together experts in medicine, technology and more, we found the clear and present need for an app based, mobile-first solution. One which would be easy to use, cost-effective, and above all, improved the quality of time Doctors spent with their patients. Available on Android and iOS, we recently launched the mobile version of our software to meet popular demand. We are also constantly integrating new features and capabilities to meet the continuously evolving requirements of our Doctors and their patients.


Our Values

Prescrip believes in key values to ensure we are building powerful solutions that help deliver quality healthcare based on a strong ethos.


We will work tirelessly to win and maintain the trust of our customers who believe in our offerings.


Create simple and intuitive products that need no special training and coaching.


Consistently innovate to find the best design and user experiences to help solve the needs of the future and the present.


Secure the confidentiality and privacy of our users data with integrity and fortitude. 


We shall always treat all our users and our employees with the utmost respect


Remain steadfast in our commitment to serve our users and the community at large.


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